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EU F-Gas Regulations 842/2006 - are you meeting your legal responsibilities?

Because of the threats to the environment caused by the gases that refrigeration and air conditioning systems usually run on, the EU has introduced new laws to control the use of Fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases). These laws place responsibility on operators to ensure that their systems are checked for leaks on a regular basis and that inspection records are maintained. F Gas can be installed in many commonplace units of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and it is vital that you manage your legal obligations correctly.

F-Gas Total

In light of the regulations that now cover equipment that contain F-Gas, All Chilled have developed a complete F-Gas Compliance solution to give total peace of mind to whoever is responsible for compliance in your organisation.

How can All Chilled Help You?

-  Conduct a full survey of your equipment and take an inventory of your equipment

-  Identify units containing harmful gases that are regulated

-  Check the systems for leakages

-  Recommend a service plan based on the EU guidelines for frequency of system checking and maintenance

-  Provide written records, which you are obliged to keep by law, to rove your equipment has been checked and maintained by qualified personnel.